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Chef Reviews

Edinburgh 2014

The Observer:

Jade Anouka shone. Chef, a bruising monologue, delivered by Anouka...was outstanding....Anouka was the star of Chef. Slight, something like an excitable child when her story began, she grew to fill the Underbelly's vast, intimidating room. Now hurt, now menacing, now impudent, cheeky, Anouka shifted between modes, ages and characters with nothing more apparent than a realignment of the shoulders, a raised eyebrow, darting eyes. She was extraordinary. When the time comes for the Underbelly to make a 30th birthday booklet of its own – about 2030, I think – I'd back Anouka to be someone they'll want to boast about.  


The Guardian:

The combination of Mahfouz's lyrical yet bruising writing and Anouka's phenomenal performance is a winning one.  FULL REVIEW

The Stage:

She’s a forceful performer, controlled and captivating, keeping her emotions in check, but letting rip when the moment calls for it....delivering the lines with relish and energy...the strength of Anouka’s performance gives it shape and depth. She fills the room with her voice and her words.   FULL REVIEW

The Scotsman:

...played with infectious exuberance by the wonderful Jade Anouka. FULL REVIEW

Broadway Baby:

Jade Anouka gives a stunning performance...Anouka recounts the hardships of this young woman’s life with a raw intensity that is often painful to watch...Anouka’s expressions of glee and sheer delight...are infectious...Anouka’s brilliant turn as the chef.   FULL REVIEW   

The Times:

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